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Leg 19:Melbourne YMML -->> Wellington Intl

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Interesting flight. Didn't exactly go to plan LOL.

Aircraft is the De Havilland Vampire T.11 - this scheme is a replica of the first Vamp the Aussies received.


Sunrise on a beautiful Melbourne morning


Heavy exhaust from the back


Rolling down the runway


Cleanin' her up


Long trip to Wellington awaits..


Obviously this girl doesn't have the range to make such a long flight (range is rougly 950nm with tanks) so the US Military was kind enough to send up a top secret tanker project to refuel the Vampire. No photo's were allowed to be taken.


Leaving the Melbourne suburbs


Quick glance over the wing


Essendon Airport


Lovely moon


Gotta love GE Pro...



Out of Melbourne


The office


If only it was really this green. Australia is currently in the worst drought it has been in for a few decades.


Chase plane snapped this before heading to Moorabin




Looking North up the East coast of Australia. Open seas ahead.


Some (reasonably) low level cirrus clouds


In New Zealand airspace


Welcome to the land of the Long White Cloud


A78-1 in all her glory


Close up of the Moon


Crossing over the mainland after being refueled 5 times


Crazy Kiwi controllers I'll tell ya'!


At this point my scenery started flickering on and off, and eventually was like this permanently. Not fun.


Tried to refresh the scenery but it locked up my sim. Instead of restarting and landing at Wellington, I thought I'd make it interesting for you guys.


To: Mutley's Hangar Pilots

From: Tour Coordinator

Re: Plane down

The aircraft flying Leg 19 YMML-NZWN has reportedly experienced engine failure (probably due to overheating). Here is a transcript of the last radio transmission from A78-1.

"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. Aircraft A78-1 DH Vampire has lost engine and is going down. Position is 47 nautical miles West of NZWN. Re... *static*

The status of aircraft and pilot is currently unknown. Someone please get an SAR helo out there and retrieve the pilot (and if possible, the World Tour batton).


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i second that, some fantastic images here of an iconinc aicraft. If only the RAF had brought the jet era to us a few years earlier we may never of seen The Battle Of Britain and all the destruction it bought to our great nation!

as for what happens next, all i can say is All S&R teams scramble! We've a mayday situation, get that baton before it reaches the murky depths of the Pacific!

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That's a stunning set of shots Joe well done! Shame you've had to ditch in the drink.

Thanks Simi, If anyone's in the area please have a look for Joe and the Baton he has in his pocket!


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Not to worry Joe the SAR departed a while ago, I've just got these pictures in from the news-feed.





Once they've zeroed in on your signal the Jayhawk will be out to pick you up


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I loved your choice of aircraft. One of the true classics.

Great photos and I have to say your imaginative way to salvage the flight after

a PC issue was top-notch. I think you got Mut in hot water with his better half,

however. Still when duty calls, you've got to go.

Nice job to all concerned on this team effort.


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Thanks gents for the kind comments.

Was certainly a big job to ask from the Vampire, unfortunately it was a little too much and it gave in very close to our destination.

Mut did an amazing job scrambling his Jayhawk and recovering myself, and more importantly, the batton.

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