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I've just installed this little app on my iPAd 3. It works fine but I am puzzled.

When ordered to intercept a bearing, does that mean I simply have to overfly the station itself without having to intercept the bearing at some point BEFORE arriving at the station?

And can anyone tell me why, when I adjust the heading on my HSI by adjusting the OBS, why my aircraft's icon heading on the map doesn't alter at all?


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I don't have this app but I will give your question a try.


I always thought of intercepting a bearing as trying to get my aircraft onto a specific radial before getting to the actual VOR station. By flying the plane in the same direction as the degree I want to follow for a few seconds I can see by looking at the needle which side of the radial I am on and then angle my plane(around 45* or more) toward that radial. Once the needle starts moving I can slowly turn my plane onto that radial degree. That said I will defer to the experts on an official sounding answer. ^_^


Many setups are different in aircraft as far as what is hooked up to what in AutoPilot mode but generally on the HSI the course knob is the same as the OBS knob on the CDI(VOR) gauge. Turning the course knob is you pointing it in the direction you want to go along a radial or GPS course when in NAV mode. The center steering bar on the course selector line moves the same as the deviation bar on the CDI. So by moving the course selector you are only setting up the course you want to follow in NAV mode but the aircraft will not follow it until you actually hit the radial or GPS course selected. Depending on how good the HSI is will depend on how well the plane turns onto the course. Some planes are not so accurate and will require the use of the heading bud(in heading mode) to turn the plane onto the desired course once the smaller steering bar starts moving.


The HSI was invented to place the CDI on top of the heading indicator so what you would do to make the two gauges work is almost the same as using the HSI. 


I probably didn't explain that correctly so hope I didn't confuse you more. :(



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I think you hit the proverbial nail n the head, my friend.

However I've had to arrange a refund on that App as I could no longer get the aircraft to alter its heading despite making adjustments on the HSI. Thank you for your most useful advice.

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Are you tying to understand how to fly to a VOR? I would use PlanG connected to FSX to see where your are in relation to a VOR and see how the needle reacts. You can also fly the test flight from and old MEBAR event.


I did a search and found this VOR trainer but didn't try it out, I believe you will need Flash Player to get it working http://www.luizmonteiro.com/learning_hsi_sim.aspx

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I just bought a similar Android app for my tablet called VOR Tracker, for $5. Haven't spent enough time with it to have much of an opinion yet. It is definitely marketed toward RW pilots staying sharp.


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