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Install shots from Scratch

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Seeing As I had to do a fresh install of FSX I thought I would Share the Install process from default to final scenery install.








Default showing Fleetwood and Walney Island.








Fleetwood , Walney Island and Barrow EGNL with OrbX Global (DX10 fixer not applied).  (Not Pilots FTX Global)








OrbX Global plus DX10 Fixer applied cured the Black squares which some trees appeared like above.








Now we add OrbX Vectors which appears to have turned the hillside into a beach !



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After more downloads we install the next set of scenery.








Now we have installed Pilots Global 2010 however forgot to apply DX10 Fixer after installing new scenery as can be seen :(








Next was OrbX Land Class Europe still got a beach on a hill.








Starting to look a lot better now and the hill is now a hill again.

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Now we come to the final addons








Now we've added OrbX Trees and that's your lot for Orbx apart from New Zealand,Australia and Norway.


I then decide for comparison to install Horizons VFR Photo Scenery.








Followed by Prepar3D with all the above OrbX and REX texture direct 4HD /Softclouds installed.








 as you see some of the difference's are quite small where others make a significant change.


Decide for FSX that I would use the VFR photo Scenery along with UK2000 airfields.

While keeping the OrbX scenery for Prepar3D to have the best of both worlds.


Rgds Paul



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:icon_goodpost:  Great series of comparison shots Paul. :thum: 


Nice being able to have the best of both worlds and there's no question that each scenery product has it's own plus and minuses. I'm not a fan of the coloring in the VFR scenery nor am I a fan of the many mistakes found(especially for the money charged) in the ORBX/FTX scenery. Maybe some day....... :)

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Good post...bound to spark debate... I have ORBX in both sims and I feel it all looks better in P3D,it has more deeper colours...I have never gone down the Photoscenery it has never appealed to me..

ORBX does a good job and villages and downs look more like they should as regards to size...I did have GEX and UTX previously and that seemed ok...

I dont think there is a right way just one that you look at and think..yeah I like that....

Also think a good weather engine and set of textures is a must to....


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Definitely an improvement over the default FSX. But you gotta admit, ACES did a damn good job modeling the entire planet and over 20,000 airports. But it's great that we have all of these third party developers to make everything look pretty.

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Thanks Paul for sharing your ORBX scenery screenshots of Walney Island in the UK..


Its very  interesting to compare the professionally made ORBX with my amateurish attempt at making photo real scenery with the free software FS Earth Tiles and the satellite images courtesy of Virtual Earth.


The only additional software used are UK 2000 Airfields Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3.


I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my screenshots with you and other forum members.














Thank you. Michael.














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No problem Michael share more if you wish.

Nice work it looks really good.

First time I've seen any scenery which show's the bay at low tide which is how I see it most of the time for real.

Is FSearth Tiles global or just UK area ?

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Hi Paul,


The FS Earth tiles, FSET, is for the satellite imagery so if the country is covered by Google Earth and or Virtual Earth, the world is your oyster!!!!!


Over the last two years I have made all of the UK, Ireland, Tuscany and Umbria here in Italy, Jersey, Malta and some parts of USA too.


Once you start with this homemade scenery you will never stop, I can assure you of that.


Have a go its a lot easier than you think!


Cheers, M :thum:

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Some great shots there guys :thum:

Good to see the comparison between vanilla fsx and Paul's final shots. Although Aces didnt do a bad job, I wouldn't want to go back to the basic fsx offering..

Loving Mike's homemade shots too. They do look fantastic!

Thanks to you both for sharing :D

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