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Leg 19.5 - The saving of Joe Ellwood

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Carrying on for the desperate request to save Joe from the briny in leg 19, the Herk has reported a positive contact.

Mike Hotel we've found the Ozzie! He's floating with a flashing baton in his hand, he assures us it IS the is the Mutley's Hangar baton! He is located 2Nm 270°


Roger India Juliet, we're on our way now, you can get back to base.


Closing in on the location, not far to go.


The winch man is keeping a good eye out.


I see something flashing in the water over there, about 200 metres west!


Yep, I can see him, send down "Big Dave" :mrhappy:


Big Dave descends to the icy water, it's not as warm as you think!


The downdraft is sending Big Dave down quicker than he wanted to be. Dave gets the noose around Joe and more importantly the baton!


Up Joe goes to the Jayhawk, and we soon depart for land.


Nearly back to our destination, Wellington Intl airport.


Taxiing in.


Joe is carried by stretcher to the nearest pub.


Another disaster averted!


Ok! I'm on the blower to Martyn to advise Leg 20 IS STILL ON!!


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Thanks for your help with this Dave :wink: ( I think you mean the moon btw :mrhappy: )

Don't worry David D, Joe's got an intravenous to a whiskey bottle he's doing fine! :rofl

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Great photo's Mut - thanks for the ride! Those silhouette shots are perhaps the best unedited shots for FS9 I've ever seen - I'm off to reinstall the Jayhawk!

I'm taking it easy in Wellington trying to fight off a few battle scars - nothing a few cans of XXXX and some shut eye can't fix :mrhappy:

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