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Active Sky Next SP3 available

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Many thanks, Joe! Downloading now....     :)


(Change log appended, for info).





a.k.a. brian747





Service Pack 3:

– Compatibility adjustments for FSX:SE and P3D
– Fixed problem where “No ASConnect Log” error messages could show up repeatedly without ability to press OK and continue normal operation
– Added new handling to identify invalid appdata path selection, and notify user during initialization to select the proper path
– Added additional handling in as_btstrp_config_manager to further prevent blocking
– Fixed issue in Tools->Export logs where btstrp.txt might not be included
– Added new “Warnings Option”: Notify when new version available (default on) – disable this to stop notifying you when a new version has been made available
– Fixed an interpolation issue when certain source stations are very close to the interpolated station (i.e. LOAN->LOAV)
– Fixed warnings options failure to save/load and be properly persistent between sessions
– Removed unneeded restart required/resynth message when changing warnings options
– Modified ambient handling to not affect AI aircraft for certain parameters including temperature, so that AI contrails (and AI general) will behave normally without user aircraft’s ambient influence
– Added METAR station KFIL
– Added 3 new servers (2 European, 1 USA) for increased network capacity and performance
– Fixed a rare issue where some clients could not download from any server, resulting in failure of ASN to load completely
– Fixed problem with XGauge when used with FSX-Boxed sim version, where it may result in failure of XGauge to communicate with ASN Client, with no apparent “Power” or any imagery provided
– Fixed issue where user-edited aloft wind data changes would not be loaded back properly in subsequent wx-file load process
– Fixed problem where other AI aircraft would not be displayed if Wake Turbulence slider was set to “off” (or zero)

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