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I think the vendor (UK2000) is the best place to get an answer to that.  If it's not clearly evident on their site, shoot them an e-mail and ask.  A reputable vendor will not say it is compatible if it isn't.



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Gary Summons of UK2000 recognized the Steam version in December of 2014 and if you look on their forum home page at the very bottom there is a section on FSX SE. He did state that he would include installers for new projects but I would figure there are workarounds for their older stuff.
As John said it would be best to make your inquires there for the most up to date answers. Please let us know how you make out. :)

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To help you make your mind up Carl on which UK airports to buy, go to their site and you can then  download demo's of all the airports and give them  ago before you buy. The downside is you get  big blue demo boxes on the runways,  if that is a downside to try airports for free.



  Cheers Mike

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Just to help you decide too if you fly vatsim then all London airports are good choices but also Liverpool and Manchester are regularly controlled too. I have Glasgow too and that is often manned too.

My list...

East Midlands





I have all the free versions too which are better than default :)

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