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sinking jetways

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hi all


can some one help me.i have downloaded uk2000 airports free version

witch is ok but the jetways when press control j the jet way gets half way to the airbus then the wheels sink in to the ground does anybody no how to solve the problem.i have fsx steam


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Hi Carl!


Apparently, the standard jetway "mechanism" is built in to FSX (so into SE also), and hence can't be changed, other than by developing something new of your own.


(At least, that was the answer I got when I encountered the problem (not with UK2000 scenery), and asked about it on a scenery developers' forum).     :mellow:


Just another Micro$oft "feature, I guess....


But you could try asking on Gary Summons's own UK2000 forum, to be sure that it isn't a UK2000 thing?





a.k.a. brian747


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When the jetways were designed, they were designed as one piece with the legs. 


As a result the only way to get them to align with the aircraft, is that sinking feeling you see in the sim..


Don't forget the design of the simulator is from a time in the past, but all is not lost as technology improves.


A new system is called SODE it allows for better more realistic animation, so expect to see it gradually being introduced by the addon market..



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