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Down Under Tour 2015

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Thks for your comments, Graeme.  Fortunately, getting old has a few positive points, like having a lot more free time.    I read somewhere that you really get old when you stop learning, so after o

Haha !  As you know english is not my native language ( although I have a US High School diploma, a University Master and a British Chamber of Commerce    ) and besides this you are right I spent a lo

Yep, went for a little Alaska flight for my Air Hauler company. They were surprised to see me around ! 

When I started this adventure in September, I thought I would do this tour of Australia in 6 months. As I like to go have a look everywhere it seems interesting, I must admit that after 5 months I'm only halfway through.


Then the "good season" is nearing its end. Many evenings start to fill up with sport events ( Champion's League evening tonight ! ) During the day, the very mild winter has for consequence that nature is waking up early and my Nikons will get out of their winter sleep sooner than expected.


I have therefore wisely decided to park the plane in a hangar and keep the seconf half of the adventure for next winter. In the meantime I will look after my cargo company in British Columbia/Alaska !


Thanks for reading to those who have been following this adventure so far and I'll be back around mid- September for the second half.  :)

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