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737 Night Approach and Landing

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Thanks guys :hat:


I never thought for one minute that it couldn't be real!

that’s because it is real life landing, :th_blush:

and it’s all Mathijs’s fault, he sent me a video two weeks ago; this got me so excited i stared digging for more,

as i watch these I’m getting goose bumps looking at the night in full HD under clear sky,

I’ve never seen these before; it’s hard not to compare with what we render through Night Environment, :cloudnine:

these videos are like small private confirmations;

everyone on the team is just stunned when we watch these, you are not the only one to get confused;

we used stills images with real world OSM data and allot of common sense when we envision/render our nights,

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I always find it more exhilarating to land at night. :cool: Cool video. a shame they took away that old HD L.A. landing video for copyright reasons, it was a beaut.

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