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Hi all
I did a route from egcc to egjj the only problem I have had is pfpx says to land on rwy 08 but top cat as rwy 09 and 27 when Google I have found out that top cat was right bought pfpx was wrong is there any way to edit the run ways in pfpx to put the correct runway to the airport egjj
Any advice would be helpful

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Hi Carl!


I'm afraid what you're seeing is a result of the fact that FSX is pretty old, and because the magnetic variation of EGJJ and everywhere else changes over time (OK, some places more dramatically than others) runway numbers can and do change to reflect the current magnetic orientation.


Worse still, in a simulation environment there are various sources for the runway information you are seeing. It might come from the original FSX information (but hopefully not). If you subscribe to Navigraph or other updated information then it will hopefully come from there. If, like me, you use a different simulation (PSX, in my case) then that has its own database, too.


As you know, PFPX is a flight planner and en route performance calculator, whereas TopCat is a takeoff (and landing) performance calculator. Their functions don't overlap, and they do very different jobs, which is why you need them both. But they don't share the same database of runway information either, which is why you may sometimes see a difference between them, so the answer in theory is to keep up with the latest version of both, and especially with their corresponding data.


But then — both PFPX and TopCat have data which is updateable through Navigraph, so (in theory, again — I'm doing too much theorising this afternoon) they should stay in line.


Hmm. OK, let's forget the theory and get practical.


As an experiment, I just used PFPX (v1.23) to plan a flight to Jersey. Sure enough, the runways PFPX offered me were 08 and 26 — although this may be because my last update of the Navigraph information took place six months ago. I seldom use Navigraph these days because my navdata comes from PSX, which has its own database (so Navigraph stuff is seldom needed, and hence I rarely update it). But anything to help a fellow simmer, so I have just updated my PFPX data to AIRAC 1510 and tried again. (I didn't update the TopCat data, not yet anyway, just to see what would happen). The first thing that did happen, of course, was that PFPX wanted to check through all its routes to ensure that they conformed with the latest data  <yawn>. OK, I'll wait....


OK, it's finally finished and 144 routes got deleted. Now to try to plan the flight to Jersey again.


Well, PFPX is still showing rwys 08 and 26, using the most up to date data available. Hmm. TopCat isn't involved as yet, so let's try it. Sure enough, TopCat is offering me 08 and 26, too. Hmm again (increasingly doubtful hmm, this time).


OK, just to be sure, let's update the TopCat data to AIRAC 1510 and try one last time. Well, whaddya know, TopCat too is still only offering me 08 and 26. So why did you feel that 09 and 27 were correct, again...?


> "...when Google I have found out that top cat was right bought pfpx was wrong..."


Ah. Exactly what did you Google, I wonder (and how old was it — there's a *lot* of outdated information available from all search engines)?   :whis:


Well when *I* hit Google I found a news story dated 4th July (Happy Independence Day, guys!) 2014 which said:


> "The runway at Jersey Airport has been designated as 09/27 since 1952. As the headings are now 084.38 degrees and 264.39 degrees respectively it will change to 08/26 from 26 October."   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-jersey-28167639


So as of October 26th last year the runways at Jersey have been 08 and 26. You can also confirm this by downloading the latest chart from NATS here: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadbasic/pamslight-4543C288E9AA3A353CCA0152E7F9095D/7FE5QZZF3FXUS/EN/Charts/AD/NON_AIRAC/EG_AD_2_EGJJ_2-1_en_2015-05-28.pdf


The bottom line seems to be that your version of the TopCat data needs updating, my friend, and hopefully it should then give you the correct information. (Update the PFPX data too, to keep it in line, along with any other stuff you have). And if I may suggest — do always check the date of any information which you find online, especially in a case like this where date is... rather significant!     ;)





a.k.a. brian747











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