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Google maps Howto

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Google maps Howto

To create an embedded Google Map similar to those used for the ATWC series follow the steps below.

• Create a google account.

• Navigate to Google Maps (https:\\maps.google.co.uk).

• Log in to your google account.

• Navigate to the ‘Search Google Maps’ box in the top left hand corner.

• Click on the three horizontal bars icon to drop down a menu.

• Select ‘My Maps’

• Click on ‘CREATE MAP’ (in caps at the bottom of the ‘My Maps’ Window).

• A map will appear called with a box in the left hand top corner that details information about the map.

• The maps name will be ‘Untitled map’, with a layer called ‘Untitled Layer’. These can be changed by clicking on them and editing the name.

• To the right of the map details box there are another two box areas, one on top that is for searching the map (for airports etc.), and the other group below for adding things to, and editing, the map.

From left to right there are the following icons that are clickable:

o Undo (left curved arrow).

o Redo (right curved arrow).

o Grab and drag the map around (hand icon).

o Pin icon (to add a marker to the map).

o Line with dots icon (to add lines to the map between points).

o Directions icon (upward curved icon to add a list of directions between two points).

o Ruler Icon (to measure the distance between two points.

All of the above are simple to use. Some points to note are:

I use the pin Icon to pin the red markers on to the maps.

I use the line icon to join the red markers. Lines do not have to go between red markers. They can start and end anywhere on the map. Click to start a line, drag out the line, click again to add a way point and double click to end the line. Each line will be shown with a white circle for every start and end point and another in the middle of the line. Which can be dragged to split the line into two. Each section of the split line will have a middle point that can be used to further split that line. If you create a shape with a single line with ‘waypoints’ by ending it on the start position, then, providing that the shape it makes has at least three sides it will create a shape that is shaded with a translucent grey. Good for marking out areas, perhaps no fly zones for example.

The directions tool will allow you to choose between Driving, cycling and walking. Between two points. There is no train option even if you start from and end at a train station. This works like the line creation tool, but provides the distance from the start point to the end point. Like the line tool you can create waypoints to change the measurement lines direction. Once completed, the line will be shown with no way points, but with a total distance and 1km distance markers.

All objects added to a map can be named when created and edited later from the left hand map details box.

Don’t forget to save your work!

To display a map on the forums, navigate to the map details box and click on the share icon. If you haven’t already done so it will ask you to name and describe your map. Complete these details and continue.

A large box will be displayed. Go to the access part and make the access public. Click done to close this box. Do not use the sharing options on this box.

Again, navigate to the map details box and click on the menu dots Icon on the add layer and share line. This can be found on the extreme right hand side of this line. This will drop down a menu, select embed on my site option. There will be some HTML in a window below some instructions. Copy this code to the clipboard and navigate to the forum post you are creating and past it into the post editor. Before submitting the post make sure that the ‘Enable HTML?’ checkbox on the right hand side of the editor is checked.

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Many thanks John...


Will put this info to good use right away.. Totally flight/flight sim unrelated use for now, but still ;)


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