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A320...couple of questions

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Oh I remember now I havent been putting the course of runway into MCDU just the freq...




I thought though that in the Airbus in the sim the entries are pre-populated and would just 'activate' if left alone?


I could be mistaken and of course; really you would want to enter this yourself true to real life. 


Good Luck!

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So todays lesson was why does my throttle get stuck on TOGA LK?

Answer...thats how the Airbus stops you from stalling.

Remedy..turn off then on the Autothrottle as per RW procedure...

I am loving the learning on this..it wont beat me...going to do the tutorial a couple of times this weekend and some general flying around...best thing I have bought for a while...

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Yeah thats one for the future once I am really satisfied that I have mastered the bus...or at least feel really confident in it..

Definitely mate try and get the most out of an addon before moving on to the next else it would just feel like a waste of money if you don't take advantage of all the features of the aircraft.

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