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After some twiddling I have managed to create a profile in Settings that I like. Do I need to hit repeatedly 'Load' for that setting before starting any flight in order to use it as it's the only one I have stored therein.

Thanks, folks.

Having upgraded my computer I am now seeing objects never met with before.

Worth every penny.

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Hi James


If you have tweaked your settings, once you have loaded them they will stay as they are until you change any settings and re-save.

I personally have about 15 different .cfg's depending on a few scenarios:


a) what I'm flying - I'll have the settings a bit lower if I'm in a complex aircraft like a PMDG

b) if I want to use Flying School - I don't need lots of AI, cars and boats etc.

c) if my husband is taking the controls - I'll set things to 'easy' so that he doesn't black out if he is diving a bit too fast etc.

d) where I'm flying  - if I'm using an add on airport like Aerosoft Gibraltar, Skiathos etc. they have suggested settings depending on your PC

e) ATWC - if I'm doing one of the Around the World challenge flights, I want some good screenshots of the scenery and aircraft


Each time you want to change the settings a bit, you can save them (obviously call the new file name something that helps you remember what it is)


There is a little piece of software called 'Go' which will allow you to change things and save them but to be honest, once you have done one, its pretty simple. You just need to keep all the 'Configs' in a folder and then you can load them as and when you want.


Hope this helps :)


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I found this:




It helps to manage changes to FSX and allows a one stop setup button to reconfigure the sim for any given flight.


I have used it for a general setting, a night setting and a frame hungry aircraft setting


The night setting loads my night environment stuff over and above the general setting, the frame hungry setting configures FSC in a way that dumbs down the detail for those aircraft that eat away at frame rates. 


You can use it to do loads of other things as well.



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