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Jebel Ali International Airport

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Well i've known about this for a while, and have been told more infomation on the project while I was in Dubai.

After researching tonight, I found alot of Infomation!


* 6 parallel runways, 4.5 km in length, each separated by a distance of 800 meters

* Three passenger terminals including two luxury facilities one dedicated to airlines of the Emirates Group, the second to other carriers, and the third dedicated to low cost carriers

* 16 cargo terminals with a 12 million ton capacity

* Support and maintenance facilities: the region's only hub for A, B, and C Checks on all aircraft up to A380 specifications

* Over 100,000 parking spaces (probably underground) for airport staff and passengers [Finally somewhere to park the Car :mrhappy: ]

* Dubai World Central International Airport and the existing Dubai International Airport [DXB] will be linked by a high speed express rail


More Infomation?

http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubai_ ... al_Airport

http://www.dubaiairport.com/DIA/English ... irport.htm

I know the chance's are HIGH that I will be using it in the future, what about you?

I imagen the landing fee's will be lower than DXB, to draw the low-cost airlines into JXB!



Did you know that the two closest International Airports are in the U.A.E? Dubai and Sharjah...Something else I learnt on my holiday :yikes:

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That's going to be one huge airport, they must be predicting a lot of traffic.

With 6 parallel runways there would be some excellent spotting opportunities. :mrhappy: I expect you will be there Sam to take some more photos for Airliners.net? Trying to get six in one shot!

I'm unlikely to use it though.

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Mutey, I don't know if you are aware of this, but a certain individual that resides on the JF forum, mutated a beautiful image of my darling Kelley Hazel, into a grotesque CGI image of Yoda. :mrhappy:

I think you know whom I am talking about; it was the evil MartYn NorthBall.

I am afraid I will never forgive him for this travesty and will endeavour to humiliate him as much as possible until he begs for forgiveness. :chuckle:

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Ditto that Mutley, embarrassing somebody over a forum is pretty much impossible surely?

I only defaced your 'lovely' picture for the sake of the other members. After all, that could have been deemed in breach of the godly rules that oversee forum usage at JF :mrhappy:

Somebody needs to control their manly urges :yikes:

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Steady boy, she was fully clothed and perfectly decent. :yes:

I've seen more cleavage down my local high street on a Saturday afternoon. Not as gorgeous as Kelley’s though. :wub

How dare you accuse my beautiful Kelley of exposing herself to minors, she's not that sort of girl. :yikes:

At least I have manly urges, unlike your pre pubescent excuse for hormones. :chuckle:

The fact that you replaced that vision of beauty with Yoda shows where your preferences lie. :mrhappy:

Martyn likes alien midgets. :rofl

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On the subject of the airport, did I read that right, SIX parallel runways, I hope they have the latest state of the art ATC gear, they'll need it.

Will this officially be the largest airport in the world?

I'd imagen so,

Each runway is 1KM longer than Heathrows 09L/27R

I wonder what they will be called








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KATL Atlanta Hartsfield has five parallel runways, all lying at 094/274 degrees. They're numbered...


  • 9R/27L
  • 9L/27R
  • 8R/26L
  • 8L/26R
  • 10/28


KMCO at Orlando has four and uses the same scheme, just ofsetting the numbering of one pair by 10 degrees.


The new airpatch could also use a "center" designator, so would only need two triads of runway numbers.

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Yes, agent Powles is doing a fine job. I have trained her well. Gain their affections and then extract as much information as possible.

Her latest report on the whereabouts and activities of the Northall have been filed for future reference.

She is a fine agent, one of my best. :mrhappy:

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still not a place I would desire traveling to though

What Dubai?

In a few years, more a less everyone will have been at this rate!

The local's are out numbered about 20/1. More 'native' English there, then in bloody England... :mrhappy:

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I came across this update on the status of the mega-airport that is being built in the UAE.


It's not all coming up roses in Dubai these days. According to this article, exactly one of the six postulated runways has been built so far and the opening date for the airport has been set back at least to some time in 2010.



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I just had a look in Google Earth at this sand patch and felt like I ought to update this thread.  Per November 2016 satellite photos, there are still only two runways, one if which is only GA sized and lacks any markings - it looks as if it may be under construction yet.  There is one large runway that appears to be in service and no sign of any construction activity for any of the others that are postulated. 


It looks like the wheels have fallen off this project.  You'd think that the current oil glut and low prices for oil would result in more air traffic and make asphalt cheaper.  I just can't understand why they aren't building the other four promised runways.   :heat::fool::yesa::cray::rolleyes::fool:

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I don't get the appeal of a Dubai Vacay. Sure they have a few cool looking buildings, and lots of fun activities like parasailing, boating, fine dining, etc, etc, but you can find those things in places that aren't in a f'n Hot As' *** desert in a region of the world where if you have TOOO much fun they might cut your head off. (Or if Desert does appeal but head losing doesn't...there is always Las Vegas)

I love a good beach as much as anyone else, I just prefer it to end a few dozen yards from the water and become grass and bushes and stuff.

Maybe other's have figured this out for themselves as well and there just isn't the demand for those 6 or 5 runways as those Dubai Developers initially dreamed?

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