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Windows 10 and FSX SE do I upgrade?

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Hi all:


Now I know there are several topics and things out there regarding FSX and upgrading to windows 10...


I have talked to few youtubers and flight simmers including Jordan King who also runs FSX SE and now windows 10 and he is very happy with it.


When I built my PC last year, a build knowing I wanted to run flight sim I went with windows 8.1 which was a fatal error there are so many issues with Windows 8, joystick disconnect being the big one...


So am I taking a risk?because have invested a lot of time and money in my flight simulator!


I have read other forums and feeds it either fine or doesnt work at all. Do I wait or do I press forward taking the risk...?



Plus OOM's ( out of memory errors ) I have a pretty good PC and flight runs well even with some big addons, now the oom's are different I know I have had 2 in the 5 flights and well I had fully maxed out settings coming into KPHL and LTBA with addons scenery If I turn down my autogene and graphic detail I shouldnt encounter this problem?


Thanks It would great if you guys could give me some ideas and advice on these 2 topics!







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Hi Gavoon1

I run 8.1 and have now OS issues at all whilst using FSX...havs you sorted out the USB power problems? Windows by default powers down USB ports that are not being used..

OOM...had one a few months back but that was flying into Manchester with ASN..Aerosofts A320..ORBX...REX textures etc etc...did same flight with Ai turned down to 10% and it was fine...

Do you monitor things like VAS etc during flight? I think wkat I use is called PROEXP or similar....

My PC is also self build but as you can see on the side its not top range...shadows sometimes are best turned off...

As for win 10 I have our business laptop upgraded but whilst I can run FSX..P3D and XP10 on 8.1 I dont feel a change is worth it yet....

I am sure ithers will put there experiences on here but I have heard from some that upgraded systems had issues whilst win10 systems with no other previous OS are performi g fine.

Best of luck


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Ok but the joystick disconnect issue is driving me through the roof... Windows 10 doesnt have that issue am I right?


I have tried the usb saving thing nothing has really changed this i noticed is that flight sim works fine until I click out of the window nd flight sim pauses... But this morning without touching anything the joystick disconnected while I was on the ground at muich setting up the airbus x.


Anyways I can unistall windows 10 if I really dont like it and flight sim doesnt work.



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I can only go by what I have read so far, try and get FSX running stable on your present OS first before attempting to make the switch. Even then I have read about a lot of folks having problems when they have updated to win10 with a stable FSX platform, then again FSX will run fine when a new computer does have win10 on it.


I guess that even if the numbers of problems are low it would in a way be a crap shoot. I would await what others have to say on this before making that final decision, I might be wrong on this be wrong on this and there could be some simple fixes to make the changeover work..



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Have you unchecked the pause on task box in the settings? Aldo have you downloaded and put the Ulautomation file in the fsx root foler? I may have spelt that wrong...

I cant comment on FSX and Win10 but I can confirm that my 8.1 machine has no issue having turned of usb powersaving within the OS control panel..

What joystick are you using? If its Saitek have you tried SPAD?


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If you go up to Win 10 and decide to move back you have only 30 days to do it. After that, the door is closed.


Unless you do a clean re-installation of your previous version of Windows... It's just the automatic roll-back feature that disappears after 30 days.


That said I'm running FSX (boxed edition) on Windows 10 and have no issues with my Joystick disconnecting, nor any other issues at all that I didn't experience in Windows 7. Although this is a clean Windows 10 installation and not the free upgrade. 


OOM-issues will not differ between windows 8.1 and windows 10 but are all tied in to your FSX-settings.


Lowering the Autogen will help, as will decreasing other settings. Depending on the scenery and the location where you fly I'd start with the settings for Water.. I've found that this is a big memory hog if set to high. Also, if you are using REX Textures, reduce the resolution of the textures from 4096 to 1024 and export a new set. The difference in the way the clouds look I've found to be minimal, but you reduce the memory needed to display them with a huge number on a cloudy day!

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Some people seem to get by okay when upgrading, others suffer problems, you will not know what camp you fall in to until you go for it. I did it and it was horrendous, numerous problems plus my Saitek controls did not like it one bit.


I have noticed all the new PC's being advertised come with Windows 10 so it must work at some point but from experience and reading other forums the problems seem to come when you upgrade.


My upgrade messed things up so bad the roll back did not even work, I had to go for a clean install and start from scratch with everything, not just FSX.



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