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Egyptair 804 - Paris to Cairo, Missing

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New release from BEA...




This is complicated...


Egypt has the lead.  The investigation by the Egypt air safety organization, with the assistance of others from elsewhere, determined that they found "traces of explosives" on some of the recovered bodies.  That resulted in transferring responsibility for the remainder of the investigation to Egyptian criminal authorities.


That was done without releasing a "final" report from the Egyptian air safety authorities, which would have included the input from the assisting organizations.  Transferring the investigation responsibility to the Egyptian criminal authorities makes it an all-Egypt show now.


BEA has been trying to get the Egyptian air safety org to put out a final report what was known up to the point responsibility was transferred to the criminal authorities.  Such a report has not been released - may never be released.


BEA has released their own report, now saying that they believe the most plausible explanation given the information they now have from ACARS, the flight recorders and crash debris is a cockpit fire which may have spread rapidly to the rest of the AC.  BEA professes to believe this information needs to be in the hands of interested parties in the aviation industry.  Note that it's characterized as a favored, possible cause, not a smoking gun.


The boys at PPRUNE are quick to point out that if it's "explosives" Egypt and Egyptair are more or less victims, though they could conceivably be criticized for ground-side security lapses.  If it's a problem with the aircraft, the owner/operator (Egyptair) may be more complicit.  That's all speculation of course but it's an interesting new development in a dormant topic.


Given the particulars of the event, i.e. timeline, profile, location, carrier, etc., my suspicious mind has to go with the Egyptians on this one.  I still suspect human skullduggery, but neither eventuality is proven and neither might ever be.  Either side could be right.






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Sometimes I wonder if we ever get the real truth. History shows this is not an unreasonable assumption.

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