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Airport Design Editor Version 1.70 Released.

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ScruffyDuck Software have just released Airport Design Editor Version 1.70.


Jon says: 


I am pleased to announce that we have finally managed to get the latest version of ADE into production. It is now available from our download page


The main changes and additions are


  • Support for Prepar3D v3
  • Detailed footprints for library objects
  • File Priority Analyzer
  • Snap to User Aircraft position when adding new objects


  • Copy/Paste now supports multiple objects
  • Improved loading of folders into Library Object Manager.  Intermediate message windows replaced with progress bar
  • Add Generic Building now remembers last building added in a session


More here: http://scruffyduck.posthaven.com/

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John Masterson is, in my opinion, right up there with Pete Dowson, Lee Swordy and some of the others who have given us some great, mostly free tools for enhancing our Flight Sim experience.  As Brett says, ADE just keeps getting better and better.  


I may be one of the biggest users, though probably not in the mainstream sense of what it's really intended for.  ADE is an indispensable tool for creation of my airport diagrams - the airport image itself comes from an ADE screenshot, which I minimally edit and surround with the appropriate text information.  John's latest improvement to ADE, providing the actual footprint of "custom" buildings has been a great benefit to me, allowing me to abandon a rather convoluted and marginally satisfactory method for bringing those in from top-down screenshots from FSX.  That feature has been available in beta for a while and I've been using it extensively.  


Hat's off to John Masterson.  :thum: :thanks:



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