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I am trying to set a P3D variable from Simstarter NG and cant figure how to do it!! - Its driving me nuts.


I want to set the enable controllers check box to unchecked.  I can set it in the control settings by unchecking the box but next time I run P3D f0orm Simstarter NG it appears checked again.




I have tried Simstarters Tool/Clear Controller settings tool but this allows you to select various joystick and other controllers individually.  For some reason this dosent seem to persist when the various devices are checked as disabled for an FS session, and a subsequent session is run.  


I guess there are two possibilities here:


a. I am blind and can't see the control in Simstarter NG




b. It just isn't there.


Any help out there?

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After making a similar post on the Areosoft forums I have discovered that this requirement is currently not available. However I am assured that it will be available in the next update.

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