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Military AI Works celebrates its 10th anniversary

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This August, we're celebrating ten years since Military AI Works (MAIW) opened its website and started producing complete military AI traffic freeware packages for flight simulator.


Today, MAIW has grown into a large community with thousands of flightsim enthusiasts and we celebrate the occasion with ten exciting AI traffic packages being released this month. Here's a short story of how we came to be.


Ten years and counting…… It was just an idea, just an idea a bunch of like-minded flight simulator enthusiasts had ten years ago. What if individuals could produce their own artificially intelligent models for Flight Simulator 2004? What if those models could be of military types used by militaries around the world? Microsoft had given us a basic set of AI models to play with. Other groups had already taken on the challenge of creating unique AI models to represent the most popular airliners of the day but something was still missing. When flying inside the virtual world of FS2004, large civilian airports were alive with all sorts of traffic moving about on the ground, arriving and departing. It looked real! However the same could not be said for the many military bases across the world. Bases that in some cases have hundreds of aircraft stationed there in real life had nothing there in our simulated world. For many users military traffic was something that they wanted to see in their sim as much as the civilian stuff. At the time a scarce few models were actually available, some orphans from FS2002 and others new versions that allowed some military style AI traffic to be added to the in game experience. But something was still missing…..


Many users started to gravitate to a website called FS-Gateway. There they realized that their interest for additional military style AI traffic was shared among many, not just a few. Ideas were exchanged, files were shared and friendships were formed. But there was still something missing, there was still no one dedicated place enthusiasts of this little niche of the flight simulator community could gather. With a few promises and a whole lot of enthusiasm, a web site was retained, designed and opened up and Military AI Works was born. It’s been ten years and Military AI Works is still going strong!


New military AI models are still being created and released to this very day with no end in sight. Today’s military AI models are far more advanced than their early counterparts and include features that are not found on their civilian counterparts. Over the years MAIW as it came to be known, expanded their releases to include full AI traffic packages that could be installed with one click of a mouse. These packages often included custom designed scenery for the air bases that the AI traffic made use of. Over the past decade many talented developers have contributed countless hours and sums of their own money in pursuit of this little corner of the flight simulator community. It is with great satisfaction that despite many changes, new simulator versions and leaps forward in software and hardware technology that Military AI Works has not only managed to survive, but also managed to thrive and continue doing what a small segment of the community truly loves to do. Please join us in celebrating this great milestone and stop by the Military AI Works website to see what we’re up to. It’s been a great ten years and we hope to continue long into the future. Happy 10th Anniversary Military AI Works! Visit our website: www.militaryaiworks.com Visit our Facebook: www.facebook.com/militaryaiworks Visit our Twitter: www.twitter.com/militaryaiworks


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