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Announcing new Partnership Chris Bell Creative Design Studios & Dovetail Games (DTG)

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We are very Excited and Happy to announce our new partnership
Chris Bell Creative Design Studios &
Dovetail Games (DTG),
together we bring to you - Night Environment Steam Edition,



Packed with our latest and most desired features like
Adjustable 3D Light Bawl size,
3D lights intensity slider,  
Star Light 3D lighting,

Volumetric lighting,
as well as cars with (switchable) headlights beams,
all comes as standard with Steam Edition!





more info here


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Thank you very much Boss & Bee :)

We are very excited and happy to be working with DTG and Steam,

From my personal experience… a very well organized group of people who are very focused and on top their game!


Our group is also running under our official new name and logo for the first time

Chris Bell - Creative Design Studios,




We are committed to deliver all our existing titles in our latest format, than… we will resume  completing all NA coverage with NE regions,

To say the least we are very excited to be working together,


Stay tuned everybody there are two more major unpublished projects our group is working on at the current moment,

Yes that is along Black Mable and NE, I cannot disclose the details about these projects yet, but I will drop their code names,

The one everyone should be looking for is WideSpectrum which is another worldwide class project similar to Black Marble in scope,

and vEarth (shorts for Virtual Earth) which is a regional based project, (and no these are not night or light related projects)

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