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Yes, its me!

Well ive been so busy lately it is unbelieveable.

I have been bogged down with college work, and filling in my university application and personal statement.

As well as this ive been applying for the CTC wings flight school, and for a university sponsered course to progress to a ships captain.

Oh, and ive got a part time job in morrisons :eyebrow:

And im about to buy a Sony A200 camera..

And my hard disk gave out so thats been away getting fixed.

Life is hectic, and im only 17!


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Hi Chris!

Great to see that you are still around, you look to be at that stage of it all happening at once.

Keep us up to date with your progress and if you get a chance to join in the challenge that would be brilliant!


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Yeah the guy put in a bag for me, and it is a crumpler!!!

Thats funny, since you recommend it :mrhappy:

It does seem like a nice solid bag, and it can hold another lens when i get one which is obviously a plus.

And yeah, i really like the camera, im looking forward to getting out there into the wilderness and getting snapping!

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