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Oct 2016 - Bombardier over Canada

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Welcome back to our latest screenshot contest after a long summer break!


For October, we would like to see your shots of any Bombardier aircraft listed here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombardier_Aerospace flying over Canada, or on the ground.


This competition finishes as midnight UK time on the 31st of October 2016.

Please take note of the simplified rules at the top of this forum, this is no longer a prize competition, it is just for fun and good luck!


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I'll start it off.  My only Bombardier is a CRJ-700.  This one is a bit out her normal operating area but I like the Aurigny livery

Taking off from and flying past Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia at sunset.


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 Another busy day at Vancouver Int.

Pilot of a CRJ 700 said, I see the boss has bought a new Q400 looks good.

Pilot of the Q400 reply's it would be even better if I could find out how to start up the 2nd  engine.

Why don't you just pop over to Mutley's hangar they will soon sort it out for you.:salute:   

PS  Just abit of PR  Joe.


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2nd engine is already running. #1 is shutdown. However, this is common on D-8's as the boarding door is on the port side ahead of the prop.


Somehow, the pic I posted didn't show up. I did something wrong. Anyway here is my Bombardier pic, titled: "I had one but the wheels fell off". This pic dates back to the early days of the Majestic 8 when there was some sort of glitch and this is how the aircraft was presented on the ramp. Anyway - here's the pic -




Ah well............... For some unknown reason, I still cannot get the pic (a .jpg stored in FS Snaps) to display.

EDIT by Mutley, sorted the link for you March.


EDIT by Quickmarch - Thanks @Mutley - I never did figure out what I was doing wrong. I'll go back to reading the manual.

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missing pic
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