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The Blue Marble Project

Meet The Blue Marble, yes we have another marble in our collection :)

Blue Marble is not a new name for Black Marble, It's a Project on its own merits!

Not to be confused with Night Environment, Black Marble, or vEarth (Virtual Earth) projects,


More detail about Blue Marble Project can be found here http://forums.nightenvironment.com/topic/289-blue-marble/?page=1


The video below showcase the projects from a worldwide prospective (best viewed in full screen at 1080HD!),

Freeze frame the first second and you will see the old data visible for one second (including FPS etc.);

Right after (in video editing) we blend from the same position only this time from within Blue Marble,

Watch closely the following 20 seconds as we time lap through 12 month worldwide seasonal cycle,

Before we start spinning the globe to show you Blue Marble in all its glory all around the world,

and then right before when you think it’s over… wait for it! ;)


Enjoy :)

one more thing…
be sure to register as a member of our forums by Christmas to be eligible for our special Christmas gift!
with opening our new online shop we will invite all our registered forums members by Christmas to get their Christmas gift!
A copy of Blue Marble free of charge :) 


The Blue Marble



Blue Marble is made out of real worldwide seasonal coordinated high res Photoreal imagery!!!
(Blue Marble Seamlessly integrates and is Compatible with all 3rd party add on's like FTX Global and all other regions, UTX etc.)

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Lovely look at the project...which looks amazing.


Seeing the entire globe at night looked just a bit odd (Oh Noeeess...the sun went out!!! :D )...does the project allow a zoomed back view of the entire globe to be 1/2 daylight and 1/2 night...ie..actual solar time in all locations? (Or was the 100% night just for the video to show the night lights all over?).


Loved seeing the textures go seamless. Got Zoomed in views?

Edited by Captain Coffee
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Thank you Matt,

through the miracle of video editing along with sim time controls allows to move time few hours and record the planet in one state (day/night) :)

the point of view was taken intentionally from F12 view to show the scope of coverage with seasonal changes throughout the globe as they accrue,

there is more info on our forums homepage,

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