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FlightSim Utils for iOS released

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Developer Alex Bartis has been in touch to advise his new App for iPhone and iPad is now available he says- 


FlightSim Utils is an utility app for every simulation pilot out there.

FlightSim Utils was born because I needed a helper app, while learning to use FSX and X-Plane. Then I've decided to make it presentable so other people could use it.

Current features supported:
- Complete database of FSX/P3D/X-Plane key bindings (user editable)
- An assorted collection of aircraft checklists
- Live METAR weather data
- Displaying of KML, PLN (FSX) or FMS (X-Plane) flight plans with automatic displaying of on-route nearby airports 
- 3D Touch quick actions (on compatible devices)
- Support for split screen multitasking (on compatible devices)

For more info se his page at http://fsutils.bartis.ro/

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Hello JG.


My android skills are pretty much just in the "fixing small defects" range, so I'm not able to create a quality Android app. I've proposed to a work collegue that works on Android full time to create a version, with my blessing and all the support I could give him, but since the iOS app is not selling very well, he isn't motivated to do it.


If it does take off sometime in the future, I'll try again to get him on board.

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FlightSim Utils v.1.5.0 has been released to the app store 10 minutes ago with a lot of new features and bugfixes like: 

- Night Mode!
- A new Documentation screen adds a place for you to load any PDFs you might need, like manuals, charts or payware aircraft checklists
- Access runway information for nearby airports on flight plan.
- Nearby airports (medium and large size airports) are now always shown and are not limited to 7

Feel free to check it out


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Hey guys!


Wanted to give you a little update as I've given FSUtils a big one:


- Officially updated with iOS 11 Support
- Officially updated with iPhone X support
- Added Drag & Drop support for opening PDF Documentation on iOS 11
- Fixed an issue where the navigation bar wasn't correctly resized when using iPad Split View
- Some buttons have been redone in order to have better proportions
- Fixed the white bar that sometimes showed up next to the weather refresh button on some iPads
- Fixed an issue where shortcuts from 3d touch or spotlight would not navigate correctly
- Updated manual


As usual, feedback is welcomed!


Clear skies!

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