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iFly-737NG for P3Dv4 (64-bit) Released

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iFly and Flight1 are pleased to announce that our award-winning 737NG is now available for Prepar3d v4 (64-bit). The new version is not a simple “port over” from P3Dv3, but a new version compiled through the P3Dv4 SDK and compiled as a 64-bit version of the 737NG. The 737NG flight systems have been updated to give you better performance in the 64-bit environment. We have also added new dynamic lighting and HDR reflections to the airframe, ground, and surrounding objects to provide our users with stunning visuals both inside and out.


For more information on features, screenshots, and to download this stunning version of our iFly 737NG, go to http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=iflyp3d


Previous iFly-737NG Prepar3D users who purchased our product, will be able to download this new P3Dv4 version at no charge. There are also discount coupons available on the product page for FSX download or DVD customers that would like to make the transition to 64-bit simulation.


Go to this page for more detail on download and installation instructions http://ifly.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp…

iFly-737NG for P3Dv4 (64-bit) Released

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