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When I first started here I saw the number of pilots running the MEBAR and other rallys with the DC-3 and wondered to myself, why are they all flying the DC-3? What's so special?


Now I know.


Just spent the last couple hours watching docos on YouTube about this not only incredible and stoic but GORGEOUS bird.

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Yeah, there is good reason for them still flying after all this time. Hella capable planes in nearly any environment.

I just yesterday watched a random Alaskan Bush DC-3 Video on YouTube...the pilot flew in and looked like he was going to do a fly over of a rough looking dirt strip...instead he just went for it and nailed it, then got it spun around in the muddy section at the end to cheers of  "Praise the Lord almighty" from a group of pioneering Palin-esque Family members standing by for their flight to civilization for their yearly shopping trip.


Just Flight makes a nice payware version, but there are a bunch or great freewares available as well. Manfred Jahn is the Master DC3 model maker. Have a search for his, you can't be disappointed.

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2 hours ago, mutley said:

What Coff said, Manfred Jahn's latest update is just superb, the Dizzie is the mainstay of the MEBAR and it's a bird you can really connect with. :wub:

That my friends is EXACTLY why I am in love! I just discovered Manfred & Co.'s C-47 is so damn gorgeous I can't take it... 

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