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New business !

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Out of holiday mode, back to flying...


Before summer I had closed my two AH companies, and I am now restarting from scratch with Klawock Air Services, a one man business based in PAKW, Alaska. In the Tongass fjords I start with an all around Cessna 185 Amphib.  First delivery is over in Canada at CAB6 on the Skitine River, a 1053m dirt/gravel strip.


My plane is waiting on the PAKW parking, weather is so-so with a 10 miles visibility and broken clouds around 2700 - 3000 ft. Light wind from the south.




Take off early afternoon, happy to fly again in these fantastic landscapes...




Soon above the broken clouds, under the 5000 ft solid cover.




After 50 minutes following the fjords, I start flying up the river, 23nm to my destination.




Found it on first approach on a small island in the middle of the river, gear and flaps down...




First delivery and first payment on the company's account !




FSX Gold - Scenery : FTX Pacific Fjords + FS Addons Tongass Fjords + RTMM Freeware addons - Airplane : Carenado C185 Amphibian - Dynamic real time weather : Pilot's FS Global Real Weather - Clouds and water : Flight 1 FEX 2.0

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Looking good here Loic!


Great looking scenery, and I guess plenty of hauling needed up there.



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Best of luck with the new company Klawock Air Services, you certainly picked a great place to do business.:) Great pic's of your first flight Loic,:thum: thanks for letting us fly along.

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