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Group Flight NI Full A320 sim event

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Group Flight Northern Ireland
 – Super Sunday Sim Session Sunday 18th Feb –
Raising money for Cashforkids




Hello, I am wondering would it be possible to arrange ATC& Pilots for our event. We have a number of prizes to give away and are trying to raise money for a great chairty as well, in the process. I will attach a copy of the roster with rough times. These are subject to change on the day!


Group Flight N.I. are a group of flight simulator enthusiasts from all ages and backgrounds from Northern Ireland. It all started when Alphatech in Newtownards http://www.alphatechsim.com offered us a simulated type rating on their fixed base Airbus A320. This course ended with a type rating on the simulator with various tests to prove we had the standards of real world pilots. Robert Hamilton (Event Organizer) then had an idea of getting a team of pilots together and having all day sim sessions as a group. They idea then was made of streaming online and Robert had talked about raising money for charity in the process. Thus, Group Flight N.I. Was Formed. The team have become great friends and know how to fly but also to know how to have a laugh at the same time.


The aim is to fly real-world ops to make it as realistic as possible but by having fun at the same time. We want viewers to interact and pledge small amounts money to force Alphatech to stage emergencies to keep pilots on their toes, these pledges will also go into a draw for prizes . They will be flying online using the VATSIM network and will be streaming live using Twitch. This idea is to try and maximise the number of pilots flying online to create traffic, and air traffic control to add to realism. During the duration of the day, prizes will be given away. This includes software and hardware.


The event will take place from Newtownards Airfield in Northern Ireland on Sunday 18th Feb which will be open to public viewing during the day. The first flight will depart at 08.00am GMT and they hope to arrive at their last destination around 20.00pm GMT. Depending on weather, winds or other factors on the day itself.


 Flight plans, prizes and prize winners will be available on their website and Facebook page.

Keep up to date with flight plans, routes and prizes on their pages.
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/groupflightni
Twitch Stream – http://twitch.tv/groupflightni
Website - http://www.groupflightni.co.uk


Please join us for this day of fun and eventful flying either on twitch by searching Group Flight NI or by flying online via the VATSIM Network. We will also be opening the hanger at Newtownards airfield for the public to come and have a look behing the scenes and see how everything works. Keep up to date on our social media and website for more info


Many thanks!



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Good luck with raising cash for the kids and have fun along the way!

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