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jet2 dusseldorf....

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Trip in the FF757v2 from Manchester to Dusseldorf.....

pushback at a busy Manchester....


snow shower gone, nice place to have a quick drink...


awaiting our turn...




turn to descend....


touching down, landing was a bit long, to busy trying to get picture...


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On 14/02/2018 at 01:39, Captain Coffee said:

You make it look easy. Hats off to your ability and facility with the big birds Wayne :hat:

I find if I want to learn something I am consumed by it and I am a sponge for obsorbing info as long as the subject is something I find interesting, try explaining something I find boring and I switch off......I also rewrite the tutorials on these aircraft, I can usually condense down to about 4 double sided laminated pages, I know it's weird but it makes it so much easier for me.....currently learning Ifly 747.......

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