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So I managed to get my hands on this A320 from Flight Factor, did a couple of flights, mainly on my tester route, EGGD-EIDW......all went well, I am seeing a lot of people having problems that aren't problems but it seems lack of Airbus knowledge, devs don't really help with a 10 page pdf and basically a link to Airbus 300+ page handbook...I always feel releasing something like this there should be at least a basic flight tutorial explaing how to use the product...Anyway for me it was all fine as I have used Aerosofts and JAR'S buses.....all looks fine to me, had a few warnings of faulty things but sorted them nothing major.....install was easy, through the MCDU for activation, some people having issues with EFB, again move the mouse away it's all sorted, it seems there are people  that don't try the obvious first......it followed the FP very well, sticking to restrictions and capturing the approach and ILS with no issues.....landing perfectly, with spoilers activating and reverse thrust all working as should, people on XP forum claiming this is broke but I am not seeing this....I don't like that FF always sell livery packages, however XP forum is packed with freebies that are good quality, some great talent out there that do it for fun.......

slightly off topic but I have an external log from another poster a while back, it seems if you fly to destination and return it thinks you hav not gone anywhere, guess I have to close down sim between flights, shame really but no big deal......

so here are some shots...........

ready for the push...




climbing above the cloud...


office view...


approaching EIDW.....


on the GS....


down and nearly stopped, thrusters and spoilers working...


starting the return trip.......


landing at Bristol.....


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thanks Chris, weirdly even though Ryanair are all Boeing this AC comes with their livery, below is a free livery I have downloaded, easy it was...:D


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Nice shots Wayne,:thum: flight simming would be so much easier if the developers would get their chit together.:P

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