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JET Release Pilot Assist Pro

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Do you own an iPad or iPhone? Are you a serious simmer? If so, take note that a brand new mobile app, Pilot Assist Pro, has been launched. 


Pilot Assist Pro was originally designed for real-world General Aviation pilots. But Bryan York, who is also the FS2Crew developer and the man behind Pilot Assist Pro, thought that the flight simmers should not be excluded. Says Bryan, “There is a tremendous overlay between simulated aviation and real-world aviation. After all, a checklist is still a checklist, a METAR is still a METAR, and a scratchpad is still a scratchpad. It doesn’t matter if you’re copying down an ATIS in the real-world or copying down an ATIS on VATSIM, a scratchpad is just a useful in either case.” 


Bryan continues that Pilot Assist Pro is a good choice for budget conscious simmers seeing maximum bang for their buck. “Most aviation apps these days are going toward a subscription model, which can really add up over time and become quite expensive. But our app does not require a subscription. It’s good for life”. 


Product highlights: 
Create and share checklists on-line or privately via email. Checklists can include personal notes and images (useful for training aid purposes) Checklists have big buttons, for ease of use METARs/TAFs featuring “SkyView” technology Scratchpad Logs Document Viewer (Charts, Aircraft Manuals, and more) NOTAMs Of interest especially to flight simmers


Discover more about Pilot Assist Pro at: www.pilotassistpro.com.  

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Looks handy, thanks for the link and for Bryan for making it available to simmers.

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This looks like a nice little Easter Present for Wifey to buy me. lol

Well, she wants me to lose some weight and from what I gather, it is not made of chocolate, so a result all round I'd say.:rofl:

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