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Leg 30: Rio to Sucre (SBRJ - SLSU)

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This is a cunning plan, and it's either going to work, or screw up big time. We are going back the way we came! Yes, I'll say that again: we are going back the way we came! Actually that's not entirely true, and we don't get closer to our previous origin than 460nm, but we are starting off by flying back down the coast, and it does run the risk that we'll encounter Putinfeld's goons going the other way. Still, Coffee came in under the radar, VFR and without a flight plan, so we might just pull it off . . .


Screenshot (13).png


Our chosen steed is the Embraer Phenom 300. Local bird, so it doesn't stand out. We've papered over the rego too, so they won't know it's us. Plus we're filed IFR, and I NEVER file IFR!




I sorta don't like the fact that there's a battleship sitting off in the bay. Gives me an uneasy feeling.




Yup. Definitely a battleship. Hope it's not racking anti-aircraft weapons . . .




Anyhow, we're outa here!




Looks like we're not going to do much sightseeing with these clouds. The SIGMETs indicate storms along our route too. Buckle up, it might get a little bumpy!




Yup. Nothing to see!




Finally were turning inland. We're cruising at FL310, and I haven't seen any other traffic nearby.




Hold onto your hats! Here come the bumps . . .




Now, this is disturbing: we appear to have picked up a tail! According to FlightBeware, a CRJ has been sitting off our left wing pretty much since the coast. I've interrogated the company database, and the plane belongs to one of Putinfeld's shell companies, Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Equipment, "ACME".


Screenshot 2018-03-11 20.59.17.png


Verified visual with the bogey.  I put out a call on the company net, for the next pilot to meet me on the apron. This needs to be a fast handover, and we need to get there before Putinfeld. This is now a race against time.




Descending over the crenelated foothills. The approach into Sucre is procedural, so If I make the procedure first, he'll be blocked . . .




Can't see him out the window now.




Turning final, tied in sight. You know, I think we're gonna make it.








Putinfeld got down first! Curse the opposite runway!!! But thankfully, ATC parked him at the far end of the apron, so I can just bang Mike the baton and he'll be off toot sweet (the candy you blow on, the whistle you eat . . .)




Hopefully this is Mike. Right? Mike?

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13 hours ago, Tim_A said:

and I NEVER file IFR!


"I Follow Roads"? I would dispute that, we do that every Sunday..


A very smooth looking flight, and very nicely presented. Mike will be around, somewhere, probably keeping an eye on Putinfeld's goons. good luck for a safe handover.

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Close call Tim, you never know what that often shirtless maniac is up too.:D Great PIREP and shots Tim, even after taking points off for letting that aircraft get ahead of you it still rates a :thum:.

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Phenom'inal shots Tim. Our poor baton is becoming quite the Hot Potato lately with all the rushing to get it to next hands, or legs as it were.

Great job!

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Yep.  That's me.  Just on the other side of the tower there; You can just make out the antenna off the tail of the Beaver there.


Nice Pirep, Tim.  I like your choice of aircraft -- maybe I should have started with something with a little better performance like that...



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Great PIREP Tim and a joy to read. 

Always liked the look of the phenom and seems a nice bird to fly. 

Glad you got there safe.. Hope the goons don't spot the handover!

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