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Timing & Dates

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Just a quick question with regard to timing. As I will be using the internal aircraft clock, when is the correct time to click the counter. I know that the downloadable timer automatically starts at 35 kts, so I presume one has to do the same manually.


I have the itinerary for the flight dates, but do you have to actually fly on those dates, or can one choose days that are convenient.  Sorry if these questions are a bit basic, but this is the first rally that I have entered.






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When using a manual clock, it would be ideal to start and stop it at about 35 KIAS, but not essential, as any small difference in time will have a marginal impact over the course of the Flight Leg. I can guarantee you there will be larger impacts on your overall Flight Leg time than a few seconds manually operating a clock.


No, the itinerary is just aligned with the "official" period over which the MEBAR is conducted (see the Rules) and the submission dates for PIREPs. Once the event files are available (later this evening Mildura time), you can fly and submit all PIREPs in the same day if you like, just as long as they are before the cutoff date for the individual PIREP submission dates. This is designed so as to facilitate those who might have commitments over the "official" conduct period, and anyone else so inclined, to participate in advance.


Now, when you get the Event Briefing and Flight Leg Navigation Instructions, there are another set of dates for the Flight Legs, These correspond with the flight situation files and merely represent a virtual timeline to fit the plot line presented in the document. They have no bearing at all on the real world dates discussed above.




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