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My Screenshots for Norway leg 3.  ( Click on pictures to enlarge )


Taxiing to runway 15 at  Sorstokken (ENSO) for flight departure.



At runway 15 for departure in the rain!



Aircraft close up pic.



At cruise altitude with plenty of clouds and gusting wind en route so far. :pilotic:



Checking destination airport info for Bringeland (ENBL) 



Looking at the trip info and flight timer en route.



Descending for the approach into Bringeland (ENBL)



Final approach for runway 25.



About to touch down in a bit of a crosswind -- aircraft slightly off centre, but hey ho...........  :whis:



Safely parked up at  Bringeland (ENBL)  -- now I'm off for a cheeky Whiskey and American on the rocks.



Wonder what Leg 4 will have in store for me?  :)





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Many thank's for your kind comments Joe and Bob.

Great to hear you liked the screenshots and livery.

Leg Three has definitely been the most challenging so far, and I'm now looking forward to Legs Four and Five.

Looking at the Weather Briefing for those legs I can see I'm in for a bit more of the wet stuff but slightly less windy conditions en route!  :thum:


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I had the EXACT same experience.  Complete with an attempt to land on the "ground" above the runway and sinking through -- only in my attempt, I actually flared and was just above the stall before "touchdown" and crashed on touchdown to the runway.


It's a real bummer to end a flight like that, especially after all the planning and careful execution.


Immediately ran the elevation correction and all was well.  I should have known better -- been running ORBX scenery for years.


Otherwise, nice video Marc!:thum:


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