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Leg 4 MEBAR 2018

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01. Ready for Takeoff, Leg 4.

01. Ready for takeoff Leg 4.jpg


02. Incessant Rain.

02. Incessant Rain.jpg


03. WP1....Honest!

03. WP1 Honest.jpg


04. WP1- RW.

04. WP1_RW_Photo.jpg


05. WP2- RW.

05. WP2_RW_Photo.jpg


06. WP3 - Fortun Hydro-Electric.

06. WP3_Fortun Hydro_Electric.jpg


07. WP3 - RW.

07. WP3_RW_Photo.jpg


08. Overflying ENLB - Bjorli, EN-Route to WP4.

08. Overflying ENLB_Bjorli_En_Route to WP4.jpg


09. WP4 - RW.

09. WP4_RW_Photo.jpg


10. Flying past Rindal and WP5.

10. Flying past Rindal and WP5.jpg


11. And the rain returns just when I'm thinking about approach and landing.

11. Returning Rain Ready for Landing.jpg


12. Descending for ENFA circuit.

12. Descending for ENFA approach.jpg


13. Turning downwind leg for ENFA.

13. Turning for Downwind Leg for ENFA.jpg


14. Battered and Bruised but almost there.

14. Battered and Bruised but almost there.jpg


15. Leg 4 done. I need a Dram or three.

Leg 4 Done_I need a Dram or two.jpg


Cheers Guys. This was my second time at flying Leg 4 because P3D decided to crash as I was on approach for ENFA. Today it went better but not time-wise I fear. 

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Looked like brutal weather Brian. Really liked your real world look at the waypoints, at least one wonders if the planner is attracted to power... 

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1 hour ago, Tim_A said:

You might say it's been a power trip . . . . . . .




ok, I'll get me coat!

Good one Tim. As we have done lighthouses in the past on MEBAR, Andrew gave the strapline of 'Feel the Power' to this years event. 

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Oh, good lord!  I'm embarrassed to say that I've only just figured out what "Feel the Power" means.  :huh:

And I'm an electrical engineer for crying out loud!


Great set of pics there Brian!  As I was looking at them I was thinking, "Hmm, there sure are a lot of hydro-electric sites here.  Huh, what's with all the power stations?"  DOH!

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No worries Mike, having done a couple of previous MEBARs I knew that the subtitle meant something. A previous one was 'See the Light', in that one we were looking for lighthouses. It's good fun but this years event proved pretty fruitless in terms of actual 3D models of power stations so I went looking for the images on line instead. 

Watch out in future for Andrews sub title or strapline it always has a hidden meaning of some description.



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