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Leg 5 MEBAR 2018 - Praise your Deity.

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01. Final Leg, Yahoo!

01. Final Leg Underway.jpg


02. When the cloud breaks, it's really quite pretty.

02. When the cloud breaks, its gorgeous.jpg


03. Approaching Trondheim.

03. Approaching Trondheim.jpg


04. Bratsberg Hydro Station. WP1 - RW.

04. Bratsberg Hydro_WP1.jpg


05. WP2 - Nea Hydro.

05. WP2_Nea Hydroelectric.jpg


06. Nea HydroElectric Entrance - RW.

06. Nea Hydroelectric Power Station_WP2.jpg


07. WP3. Turning onto Heading 246 degrees for Namsos-ENNM.

07. WP3_Turning onto Heading 246.jpg


08. WP3 - Tunnsjødal Hydroelectric Power Station - RW.

08. Tunnsjødal Hydroelectric Power Station_WP3.jpg


09. WP4 - ENNM-Namsos. Sounds Greek to me.

09. ENNM_WP4.jpg


10. Approaching WP5 - ENRM-Ryum.

10. Approacing WP5 and ENRM-Ryum.jpg


11. Almost Down. Approaching 

10. Almost Down.jpg


12. Cold and Dark, for another year.

11. Cold and Dark for another year.jpg


13. Final Leg time.

12. The End.jpg


14. I couldn't resist a little graffiti. 

13. Rossvoll_Graffiti.jpg


Many thanks to Andrew and Joe for this years excellent event. I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

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7 hours ago, Captain Coffee said:

Excellent finish, great shots, and more power to the T210..glad it got you through safely. Nice crisp graffiti work there too Brian...stencils? Fatty Markers? Super steady spray can hand? Wot woz yer teknik?

Cheers Matt. There was nobody about so I had plenty of time to put up my pre-made neon lights. LOL

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Good looking handy work on the wall there Brian, a shame they have slapped an injunction on further MEBAR's landing there.^_^


Nice to you finish in fine form and post another suberb PIREP to boot.:thum:

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