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Thanks to the organizers and participants!

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Hi everybody,


A big thank you to Andrew, Joe and crew for hosting this excellent event.  This was my second rally and, like last year, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot along the way. 

Also, thanks to all of you who participated and shared your stories.  So cool to see what other folks are going through doing the same flights.


Here are a few shots over the course of the rally.


Completing the test flight (the best weather we'd see for the entire event ):




Setting off on the first leg:





It was eerie seeing these mountains fade into view through the haze.  This kind of set my expectations of what was to come.




I should have turned here, but flew on another 13.4 miles before realizing my mistake!  That extra 27 miles artificially pushed me into a better time for the leg as I was referencing indicated air speed...




One of the many Fjords...




Hey! I recognize that place!




Plenty of room to spare.




Lots of this on leg 4.




The Milviz 310R was up to the task.  I do wish that the Navstax radios had been released though.




Took me a long time to find this one.





Visibility was much better on the last day.





Right on track!





These wind turbines were very cool!





Almost there!





I guess I was a little too busy to take shots of the approach, but I made it without incident.y4m65djzSS31bihBPEgrusSwD2YPyv0XPZZrz_M5



Awesome fun.  Thank you all!


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Great compilation of shots Mike, looked like tons of fun.:thum: The Milviz 310R even without the new gauges seems like a fine aircraft to fly, you screen shots really do it justice.


Looks like the master flight planner Andrew didn't cut you guys any slack this time around, cheers and curses on him.:D


Makes me extra sorry I missed out on it. :(

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