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Announcing Sector 4 of ATWC 7

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Welcome to the fourth section of ATWC 7even!


Sector 4 may be the least complex of the ATWC 7even Sectors but it still covers some long flights and incredible Wonders. 


Continuing north into North America, we first take in the natural beauty and wonder that is the Grand Canyon before also marvelling at the industrial triumph of the Hoover Dam. Our next stop is San Francisco and another of the Wonders of the Civil Engineering, the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. This destination also represents the end point of another Wonder of the Industrial World, the First Transcontinental Railroad. Having been to the end point, a stop off at the start point of this Wonder is also warranted, so off to Omaha, Nebraska / Council Bluffs, Iowa it is. The Civil Engineering Wonders feature again as we move on to the CN Tower, in Toronto, and the Empire State Building, in New York, as well as the Industrial Wonder, the Brooklyn Bridge. We round out Sector 4 with a trans-Atlantic crossing which ultimately brings us to Libreville, Gabon.


The bidding window for section 4 will open at 14:00 UTC tomorrow, Saturday the 2nd June 2018.




Bids must be sent to atwc@mutleyshangar.com, and only e-mails that arrive after the bidding window has opened will be taken into consideration when assigning flights. The bidding window usually remains open until all flights are assigned to a pilot, but as we have so few registered pilots, we may press on regardless.

Your bid should consist of a list of the flights you are interested in flying, with your most preferred flight at the top. 

All the best and be careful out there!


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Will post the airport diagram bundle for this sector tomorrow.




EDIT:  Diagrams bundle is up and available for downloading.



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