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RealAir Release P3Dv4 Installers.

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In a recent post made by Sean Maloney over on the RealAir Support page, Sean has made available updated installers for the Duke B60V2, Turbine Duke V2 and the Lancair Legacy V2 for Prepar3D V4, these are not new models as their existing models port over to V4 without problems, these just take out the know how/ guess work to get them to run in V4.


The new installers are not for sale and are not freeware, your previous key codes will still be required to activate.


Further news from Sean is that he is no longer developing with Rob Young but he is actively developing new aircraft.



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Thanks for the HU Joe, I've now reinstalled the two aircraft I had.

Both are running fine, so thanks to Sean for making the installers available.

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