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I have a Mk 710 wireless Logitech keyboard that sports F keys across its uppermost key layout, running from F1 to F12.

Is there a way in which I can cancel each of its individual functions beyond 'Do nothing' to being

 able to employ each F key within the SE: FSX key settings? 

I'drather use them there than in instant connections with chosen websites.


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Function keys in FSX are predefined for things like throttle, flaps etc (you can see & change the assignments in the Controls/Keyboard control panel). HOWEVER, a lot of modern keyboards make the F-keys do all kinds of weird stuff, like moving web pages, video/song playback, volume, screen brightness etc, and not what you generally expect the f-keys to do.

Fortunately there should be an "FN" button somewhere on your keyboard. This will toggle the function keys between doing their proper job and the weird manufacturer-specific jobs.

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