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Orbx's Magic Pumpkin Flash Sale

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Orbx's Magic Pumpkin Flash Sale is now on for one day only! Save up to a shocking 50% on regions, airports, and more. Everything is discounted for except for products released in the last 30 days as that would simply be too ghoulish! 

Beware: the most frightening part of this flash sale is that it only lasts until the witching hour (01:00Z) on All Hallows Day (1st November), so make sure to make the most of it. Head over to  https://orbxdirect.com and start saving... if you dare!

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Thankfully I caught this one. 

Picked up Half Moon Bay KHAF ...finally. Also KSAN San Diego and Monument Valley.


I am still sore that I missed the recent 12 hour 12 year Captain Sim 1/2 off sale. I had 4 items in my shopping cart there I wanted to buy, but work and overtime conspired to coincide with that 12 hour window...bummer timing. :( 

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