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Hello! This is Carlos from JUST 4 ARTIST, a newcomer Youtube Channel about realistic flight simulation over real life procedures.

At this moment there are only posted 2 videos regarding flight simulation, but I'm just on the beginning. I'm trying to create quick cinematic video reviews.

I have not earnings or commercial purposes, I only want to share my videos to the world, and receive your feedback and comments (positive or negative).


New video: https://youtu.be/1H3U_9k2HAs


Subscribers for my Youtube Channel, Facebook or Twitter are very welcome!


Thanks so much.

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19 minutes ago, jaydor said:

Your Videos look very good.  Thank you for the heads up and best wishes...  :hat:

Thank you so much Jaydor,

It's an honor coming from you.

I'm thinking about my next review. Now I'm working indeed on tutorials about all the flight steps and I will post new videos with FMC programing, IFR Flight Planning, takeoff & ascend, cruise with fuel control, descent and landing and real life charts interpretation.

But We are a team of just one member on board! :)

See you soon!

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2 hours ago, wain said:

nice one, good looking vid, best of luck....

Thank you so much for your comment, It's a honor coming from you!

Channel is just starting and grow is very difficult, but I do this because I love flight simulation and I would like to get it closer to the most of people.

You know that flight simulation is expensive, requires a good computer and a lot of time to learn.

With my videos I hope to wake the interest for the simulation and also know somebody from Bristol ;)

Nice to meet you! Nice to write you!


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