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FSX photoscenery, landclasses & autogen

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Ok, so here's my 1st question back here...


As part of my role with the Air Training Corps, I help out with the cadets and their FSX based simulator when it goes wrong. They use it to get to grips with the basic controls before stepping foot in a real Grob Tutor.

They've been using stock scenery thus far, and I brought up the possibility of having accurate scenery areas for local towns and airstrips (Lossiemouth 'EGQS', Kinloss, Inverness) and the local area in general. Herein lies my problem.

I've made a photorealistic scenery area with FS Earth Tile, it's great. I've imported it into FSX and it works....I can even find my house and follow the roads exactly. But there's no autogen houses or trees where the scenery textures are - it's completely flat.

Now am I right in my understanding that if I make a land class area, and put that above the scenery tile in the library, I should get Autogen houses and trees etc on that area... Well, I did that and i don't see anything. It's completely flat.

Any suggestions or help, I can even send you the FSET bgls if they'll help.


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My understanding of Autogen in FSX is that it applies to the Texture.. so you have Autogen that applies to default textures and Autogen that is for photoreal.

If the Autogen is not specifically assigned to, and aligned with photo textures, layering in the scenery list won't help.

There used to be a scenery placement tool by F1 that might help,  or I think there is a way to add in objects using SDK bit I've never dabbled with that one..

There are a couple of scenery savvy guys in the Hangar that I'm sure can answer this one fat more eloquently than i

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