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Structure of the Test Flight

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I flew my Test Flight just now and thought I would share what I did and what I saw!

So the flight is straight forward, Southampton to London Gatwick in a straight line at 4,500 ft. Planning is still very important as we want to be in exactly the right direction and altitude when we overfly Southampton. I know to most of you this is just old hat but may give anyone new more confidence :)

Don't forget to set your sim for clear weather (not real world as I did originally!)

I'm flying the RealAir Beech B60 Duke in P3D with Orbx TrueEarth scenery. So here we go...

Taxying to the active, nice clear weather today:

Away with no problem, heading north(ish):

My first waypoint ahead turn left at Winchester, I'm still climbing:

First turn!

Heading south near Romsey, level at 4,500ft:

Almost west abeam the airfield, I'll be looking to intercept the 078 radial around about Totton:
Making the turn now:

Cockpit view:

Established on 078 @ 4500, about 27.5 inches on the manifold - we're set up!

Getting ready with the timer!

Start timer, the SAM VOR is just below the aileron my port wing:

Pompy (Portsmouth) in the distance:

Petersfield, not far from the Midhurst (MID) VOR:

Here's Dunsfold, which means we're not that far away:

Setting up the outside camera with Gatwick looming ahead:

Approaching 08, timer ready for action:

About half way down the runway and the timer is stopped 15:47 not bad! (It took longer to write this report!)

I turn towards Shoreham Airfield to park as neither Gatwick or Southampton are really GA friendly:

All done.

Good luck everyone in the Rally, I hope you enjoyed my post.

Joe :pilotic:

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Nicely flown Joe, sure is nice to see green instead of white.

I still remember my first test flight. I was so nervous and piloted an older bird I wasn't familiar with, turned in to early so I couldn't get steady on the radial and had to take a deep breath circle around and start all over again. Second time was the charm of course and I promised myself I would only fly something I was used to.

Have fun everyone.:)  

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Brilliant screenshots, and a truly lovely little aircraft.

I have the  RealAir Beech B60 Duke in my virtual hanger, it's another favourite of mine.

Your scenery is to die for. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous !  :(


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