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BW415 - Island Hopping Boeing Style [30 Shots]

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Hello all.

Here’s Thursday nights efforts. I’m afraid I’m not in any GA this time, its back to the Automatics for me, and an area of the world I hardly fly.

BWIA (or B-Wee as it was known to the locals and those familiar) is slowly turning into Caribbean Airlines, but I thought I would take one of their 737-800's out for one spin before it went to be repainted.

The flight took me the short, 200nm distance between TBPB, Grantly Adams, and TTPP, Piarco Airport in Trinidad and Tobago. I hardly got time for the cruise.

The shots are dedicated (although he will never see them) to Delblond Christian. Purely because of his contribution to scenery design in the area. You may not recognise his name, but you will probably know of his work, as he created the wonderful version of TNCM we see for free on AVSIM. With FlyTampa's version no out and available, I feel his work will take a back step.

But you might like to know that there are more islands to be seen.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the shots.

Add-on’s In Use

Aero soft / PMDG Boeing 737NG (800/900)

Flight 1 Flight Environment

Flight 1 Ground Environment

Just Flight / Pilots FS Global SE

Just Flight Traffic 2005

Delblond Christian's grantley_adams_intl.zip (freeware)

Delblond Christian's piarco_intl.zip (freeware)

Parked up waiting to go. The parking arrangements can be quite tight, depending on what’s there.


Rather than wasting time pushing back, we decide that we can start on the spot, and turn around under our own power.



As we taxi to the active another aircraft departs. We are testing our flight controls.


Past the fuel stores, it’s your call as to the brand you want to use.


Went for a cockpit edit here, tried out changing the focus in the foreground. Didn’t work 100%, but I might try something similar next time.


This Monarch A300 is seconds before touchdown.


After a short wait to let a 767 of First Choice and that A300 land we line up.




Unlike the 600 and 700 the 800 takes a little more pressure on the stick to get her into the air.


The cross winds hit us shortly after takeoff, but all is under control


Beginning our turn to join our southerly route.


Flying over the crystal blue waters.


Probably my favourite shot of the flight


We are still climbing up to FL300 here.


Now in the cruise, but its not long before ATC are calling us with arrival information.


Flight environment changes the sky colours too, I would have preferred to see a deeper blue, but it’s still the best add-on for FS.


Beginning our descent into TTPP. Spoilers are open due to the tailwinds.



Picking the lowest areas to fly through, to minimise the risk of hitting the ground.


One of the most unique cloud formations I have ever seen. Heavily edited (levels auto) but I like it.


Turning to intercept the runway's ILS.


With everything hanging out (within the simulator) we are on the glide slope.


A little low over the lights, but the PAPI and ILS are showing us different things. I let the airport know after landing.


Heavy braking not necessary, but we do to make sure we don’t have to backtrack the runway.



Taxing to the terminal. A little river running next to the taxiway.


Parked up at the gate. No active aerobridges on this scenery, this is just an illusion.


The PMDG 737-800, Cold and Dark.


Well tats that. Some as usual edited more than others, but the majority are just cropped and/or resized.

Peace and Love

Fred 'mulletman' Clark

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I love those shots and the mention of Grantly Adams brought back some happy memories. We flew there on a 767 not sure which variant but we had to stop off at Shannon to re-fuel before the hop across the pond.

I just checked in one of my old passports and 18 years ago to this very day I was in Barbados :mrhappy:

Grantly Adams will definitely be in our next ATWC adventure to the Central America Caribbean region.

So well done with the shot's I love those crystal blue waters because they are really that colour!

A classic cockpit for sure, well done and thanks for the memories!


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Some great shots there Fred, and that Fire handle shot is amazing! Really really nice. I enjoyed the commentary too, especially "With everything hanging out (within the simulator) we are on the glide slope" :mrhappy:

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Great pics and story as always Fred. I always enjoy your screenie threads, you seem to pick interesting routes to fly and have a great ability to bring the flight to life through your screenshots and commentary.

Keep 'em coming mate.

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