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Looking for advice from P3Dv3 users

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So, I have put FSX to one side after so many issues and am now trying PD3v3, as my computer is able to handle that (I think!).

I got it installed and running nicely and compared to FSX, it is like chalk and cheese.  However, a few glitches have reared their heads which I am hoping that some you folk may be able to help me with them...

The first problem that occurred was that I lost the afterburner effects and extra power that this produced on the native F-22 and F-35.  I am not sure if this issue has been resolved as I notice on forums that it appears to be a common problem and wondered if anyone has the definitive answer?  What is interesting is that in trying third party aircraft, the VRS F-18E Superbug is having the same issue, as is the Mil-Viz F-4 Phantom II.  However, the Just Flight Tornado is just fine...…it has the afterburner and full power.

The second issue is that occasionally, the flight sim will suddenly freeze and make a buzzing noise.  After reading up on the issue, it was suggested that  updating drivers may help.  I updated the driver on my video card and thought that I had solved the problem until it did the same thing a few moments ago, although after about 30 secs, a dialogue box came up asking what I wanted to do.  One of the options was to continue, which I clicked and it started gain.  Normally, I end up having to do a hard re-start as I can't do anything with the computer.  Any ideas?

So, to be honest, I am really impressed with this flight sim and once I get these bugs sorted out, I am sure that it will keep me happy for a long time.  Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to after FSX but I love the fact that the frame rates are smoother and that it does not stutter as much.

Thanks in advance.


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