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GB South in v5

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A few pics by way of testing. Not done much in the way of tweaking/configurating at this stage...

Heading east from Guildford, along the ridge of the downs, at 2300ft. Liking the new haze and clouds. London is clearly visible on the skyline at top left. 30fps, but a very slight hint of jerkiness. Texture popping is noticeable but unobtrusive,



Tracking the ILS outbound from Biggin Hill. Texture popping is more pronounced and we've dropped to 25fps. (in v4 this would be down to around 15, or 7-8 with the first version of GB South!)



On final for London City. 15-20 fps, but not particularly jerky. Textures feel like they don't fully resolve (this would have been unflyable in v4!). The airport is the "enhanced" version from the GB-S pack, not the standalone LCY. There are no terminal building on the ramp (a known problem)



Just after this pic was taken, I received what I can only describe as a 'smackdown' (like I flew into a brick wall). I've seen other reports of similar things happening. Fortunately I was able to drag myself up out of the water and crawl onto the runway...

Another weird thing, it takes around 30 seconds after switching back to cockpit view for the instruments to redraw.

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Nice pics Tim. 

I've experienced the same slap down on approach to EGPE. 

I'm looking forward to LM sorting out the little bugs that are present at the moment. 

Looks like it's going to be a nice sim to fly in. 


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Nice shots Tim, I thing the distance detail is a real plus but they appear to have lowered the resolution of objects in the distance in the latest hotfix.

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