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Don't worry folks!

Uncle Mutley is here to rescue himself. It won't be the original aircraft as that is now in Europe but I have just negotiated a deal with a Canadian partner.

Flying tonight, probably posting tomorrow.

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I've Just touched down at CYKF :dance:

Couldn't fly the aircraft I wanted to as I've not had time to get to grips with her so made do with a 319 (Sorry Martyn)

Will post the shots tomorrow but it was a fairly uneventful flight :yes:


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Here it is at last! I'm very sorry for the wait, we need to get the adventure on track.

As I said previously I really wanted to get to grips with the 707 before posting so I thought I would take up the Airbus A319-133. I nicked the model and repaint from FS9 It's the ifdg version. Had the paint for a while along with other versions.

Here we are having pushed back, we're now starting the port engine


There's some aircraft I guess you wouldn't expect to find at Midway but I have changed all my default FSX models to real life and they pop up in the most unusual places!


Taxiing past the GA airpark on my way to the active.


Lined up on 04R ready.


We're off with the minimum of fuss.


Now we are turning north and not climbing above 2000.


Was that Midway Fred?


We can see Martyn in the back ground on finals to O'hare this time thinking he's inbound to Meiggs :dance:


Just taking in the views of Chicago.


Turning, soon to be descending for our flypast.


Gear down and lowering flaps, we are going to really "push the envelope"


Almost hovering above the water as we track towards Meigs.



Now approaching the threshold for the old 18.



As low as we dare go!


The pilot, being an FS fan from the beginning has flashbacks to the early days at Meigs.



Having now snapped back to reality, the tribute has been paid and thanks Microsoft/Sublogic for 27 years of flightsim fun :yes:


Climbing now on track to Kitchener/Waterloo


Food is now being served to the VIP guests. "Do you want fries with that?"


Undaunted, the pilot who is a Wendy burger man, carries on to FL36


The moon still high.


As is the sun.


Active Sky kicks in just as we are descending, I'm nervous of what Wx it is going to dish up.


Some of the pax now wishing they'd gone for the kids meal. We're on a roller-coaster ride!


Of course I am flying as considerably as I can (Not!)


Apparently the weather is fine ahead, I didn't want to bore you with too many cruise shots.


About 5mile DME we fully ready, bring it on!


Very short finals, upsetting the locals. (I'm always doing that, I fly far too low since my fighter days!)


Over the numbers, the AP is disengaged.


Two down.


Flamegrilled! (Oh that's BurgerKing, isn't it?)


Taxing, here's a picture from John, behind the fence, cheers John!


Parked up engines off. There's so much GA here.


Unloading the baton from the hold, ready for Ben to take on to Niagara.


There we have it gang. I hope you enjoyed this rather delayed flight. Still, it will put you in you practice for this summer's European ATC strikes!


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Fantastic shots Joe and an entertaining commentary. The early FS shots were a nice touch, I remember when my FS9 looked like that :yes:


PS: I was going to give your post a topic of its own but I'm worried about making a pig's ear of it :dance:

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I've got to admit, I'm amazed at the professional standard of the screen-shots and narratives that are coming up in RTWC. Your current set, Joe, is almost unbelievably realistic - and the detail is so clear..... Thanks for the effort - it was worth waiting for. By the way, who's Wendy.... :?: We should be told, I said we should etc etc....

Cheers - Dai. :yes:

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That was fantastic. What a great theme!


I appreciated the Meigs flyby as I've always had a soft spot for that field and resented it's demise in a

political play. The flashback screens were amazing. I'd forgotten how cheesy they were and how

far we've come.


The foreground buildings shown in the shot are, left to right, Soldier Field (home of the Chicago Bears),

the Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium (the domed one).


The interior surface of the dome is the screen upon which the planetarium sky views are projected. The hill

on the Planetarium end of the causeway was not there originally, though may be now since the field

was converted to parkland. They probably built it from runway and taxiway rubble.


Jumping in on the McDonald's theme (we call it Scotch food), the C-5 Galaxy and the C-141 Starlifter

were affectionately known as Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder, respectively. If anyone's hung

a similar tag on the C-17 I haven't heard it yet.


Anyway, wonderful leg. It just keeps getting better and better.



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