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Private Airshow in Pembrokeshire

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Eurofighter Typhoon Private Airshow

This afternoon, just after luncheon here, down on the farm, Pam and I were enjoying a quiet cuppa, when we heard a plane approach. Not your usual GA from Haverfordwest Intnl, nor even a low-flying barn stormer showing off (again), but the scream of a jet. When it passed, Pam said "Wait for his mate....." and when nothing came, we relaxed, until the sound returned. By this time I was on my feet, thinking 'Bl**dy Tornadoes', but I was wrong (as usual!).

'My word, it's a Dessault Mirage 4000', I thought, looking up as it roared across, a couple of hundred feet above me. 'No, it's actually a Typhoon' I realised as I saw the outline:


Yes, I know it's a poor shot, but my hands were shaking a little as this was the first Eurofighter I'd seen in the flesh! Of course, I looked the Typhoon on the web and came up with the following stuff:

Wikepedia's basic plane information:


and the EJ200 engine:


A more Official site with lots of technical information:


and a brilliant, if rather naff video here:


Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you.... Comments welcome, as usual. :!:

Cheers - Dai. :wink:

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That's not a bad shot Dai, lucky you had your camera handy at your luncheon, my we are posh :wink:

Do you really get barnstormers? Sounds like fun to me.

The Red Arrows often go over my Brother in Laws house when they are displaying in the South. They stay overnight in Hurn (Bournemouth) airport. The other day day he was walking his Springer Spaniels on the heath which overlooks the airport in the distance and they did (What he assumed) was an impromptu display in two groups coming at each other along the runway with smoke looping over, re-forming and landing!! Lucky sod!

I do remember (Martyn) once on the way down the A338 they followed the road all the way down from the Ashley Heath roundabout in formation before landing at Hurn.

I also get quite a bit of military aircraft at work, mostly they're too high but we had a circling VC-10 tanker recently, I was in our car park transfixed by this site and getting plenty of stares from my work mates. I was waiting to see what he was going to link up with but he didn't he just exited north west towards Lyneham :yikes:


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I rarely get aircraft flying over, as there are no airbases nearby. However, there was one day when i was sitting at my PC, and a low hum started. Within seconds this was a loud roar and the house shook.

I wheeled back on my chair to see a C-130 blast over my house at extreme low level, at high speed and dissapear into the distance.

A couple of weeks later, inspired by this, i baught Just Flights C-130 Hercules, but am yet to fly it.

Im hoping to chach some F-15's when im coming back from Snetterton later this year. (Via Lakenheath, after the BTCC)

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Nice shot Dai, you lucky thing :yikes:

Closest I've got to the military action in recent memory was when a single Red Arrow flew over my house on its way to St Angelo's Airfield for the Enniskillen Airshow (yes Fred, that's EGAB, not EGAD :wink: (sorry, had to say it :roll: ))


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The Typhoon was supposed to turn up at EGBB not so long ago, escorting a lady that was completing some kind of record flight for charity.

My wife got the press release before it was announced to the public as she works for our local council, as soon as I got the okay I informed everyone on Just Flight.

Embarrassingly the event was cancelled, I've no idea why, and so I'm still to see the Typhoon for the first time.

It must be amazing to watch its vertical climb after takeoff trick. Many aircraft can do this of course but they need to fly the full length of the runway to pick up speed before the vertical climb.

The Typhoon on the other hand has such an amazing power to weight ratio it can pull in to a vertical climb as soon as it leaves the ground and actually accelerate in the climb.

Unbelievable aircraft!

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