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Leg 37 Colorado Springs [KCOS] - Nellis AFB Las Vegas [KLSV]

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I'm sorry guys,

I haven't been playing FS alot at all recently, and it isn't working, probably the same problem Dave has had in the past. I am as annoyed and dissapointed as you lot probably are, and am annoyed that I haven't been able to fly a leg properly. So I'll resign from the ATWC, and will have to have to pass my leg onto someone else.

I apologise to all those who I have kept waiting, and should have undertaken a leg, if I wouldn't have the time, or the system to get it going :mrhappy:

Sorry again guys

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OK Ben thanks for letting us know.

This leg is now open to offers. I am going to trim this thread down, no disrespect to previous posters :mrhappy:

Please see the CCC for details.

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Here last is the ill fated Leg 37 :mrhappy:

Addons used:-

FSGlobal SE

Flight Environment

GE Pro2

Alphasim C5

FS Navigator

Having being given the call at the last minute I didn't have an aircraft operational so I called in a few favours.

There was a Lockheed Galaxy at KCOS that had diverted due to a technical problem. That was now fixed and the very trusting USAF said there was no problem hitching a ride so long as I flew it back to Nellis AFB. I wasn't so sure but my sidekick dgor said he has a lot of experience with big birds, I was quite surprised, looking at him, you wouldn't though he had it in him!!

So here we are on the GA apron front and rear doors open, I was quite happy with this as Dave had a "wicked Indian" last night thsmiles46.gif so it was great to get some fresh air. The C5 is kneeling waiting for the arrival of the baton.


This little fella really pee'd me off as he nearly took out number 3


With the baton now safely on board it was time to close the doors and bring down the nose.


The taxi was an epic in itself, we were cleared taxi to runway 17L, lucky I had my sat nav to hand to navigate to the active it was on the other side of the city!


After about 20 minutes we were lined up. Flaps in transit to 32. A bit late doing that but it was Dave's Job :thumbup:


We're rolling, 50,60,70...


With no cargo except the illustrious baton we're off pretty quickly.


Gotta love those wheels, some going left, some going right.


Look what happens when you select auto pilot! Turning onto our course.



Mmm switches, what does that one do! (Stoppit Dave)


This was the boring bit, we are heading direct to Las Vegas. Time to get out Martyns lap top and the flight sim!


Woken up by a bleeping sound, it was just FS Nav keeping us up to date with our progress.


At Mach 0.75, the river below was shrouded in a mysterious fog.


Having dropped my camera when woken up by FS Nav, I was surprised to see it had taken a shot. This will really upset Fred. :sad:


Well into the cruise, the landscape below has got pretty baron, of course I couldn't see what you are seeing! We were at FL320 but we had no vapour trails? John?


Here's where the interesting bit is about to start.


Turning at our waypoint.


Our FP will take us right over the centre of Las Vegas


We've intercepted the localiser so not long now.


Here comes those wacky wheels, I hope they know which way to turn!


5 Greens!


Now overhead Las Vegas.


A tourist (Without a zoom lens) sent this one to me :cool:


The ATC at McCarran International didn't like us taking this route it makes them have to work a bit harder.


Ah lovely, short finals.


Wow look at that, just before the numbers today!


This was the real noisy bit, the old aircraft having a good old shake too!


On the Apron we are just getting some more fresh air, phew!


Get a load of that cargo bay John!! Now just waiting for Sam to collect the baton.


There you have it! Leg 37 complete. Technically and factually a farce but entertainment top of it's class! (For me).

Hope you enjoyed, feel free to post as soon as you want Sam.

On a serious note, we have posted new rules which will stop these delayed legs from happening and they will be strictly enforced. :yes:


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Amazing. I can't believe you managed to pull that out of your hat on such short notice. A worthy, entertaining leg.

The C-5 is interesting. I had a chance to walk through one from end to end in real life at an airshow

once. You know, if a guy had one of those in CP I'll bet he could make serious money.

Great show. Thanks,


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Hey, Joe!

Amazing. I can't believe you managed to pull that out of your hat on such short notice. A worthy, entertaining leg.

Some hat to get a whole C5 in it, eh??!?

Just where do you get the bottle from, Mut ? Brill - thanks.

Cheers - Dai. :!: :!: 071.gif

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Another of those annoying cultural gaps has opened for me here.

...Dave had a "wicked Indian" last night

I think I understand the effect that is being conveyed, but I'm a little confused about the cause. Mut, in

your never-ending attempt to civilize me, please explain further, if you would.


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Thanks panos,

Sorry you missed out but don't forget the Caribbean section is only just over the horizon so plenty of opportunities to bid for a leg. (Now you know how to :thumbup: )


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